Young people between 15 and 25 years old are going through all kinds of transitions which are not running smoothly all the time. As a result, these young people risk losing direct pathways to work, having problems with their studies, losing contact with their friends and families and suffer from unstable moods, sometimes resulting in serious mental health problems.

At the same time it is known that more than half of the mental problems of people arise early in life, prior to age 25. In short, this is a vulnerable period that calls for an integrated approach of support and care.

Despite the growing number of mental problems of young people, they often do not seek support with the existing care and support services and organizations. Sometimes because they find their own way in solving their temporary problems. But often the delay in access to care is caused by fear for stigmatization among the youths involved or the way the mental health care is organized

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Transitiepsychiatrie anno 2016

Aansluitend op de European Conference on Youth Mental Health wordt op donderdag 18 februari op dezelfde locatie het 2e Jaarsymposium Transitiepsychiatrie anno 2016 ‘continuïteit van zorg voor 15 tot 25 jarigen’ georganiseerd.  U kunt zich inschrijven via

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